A Bakersfield Architect and Fine Wine

Architecture in Bakersfield“Architects are like fine wine, they get better with age”, an old college professor told me that one time and it took a quarter century for me to actually believe that. Now I am almost 60 years old, been designing custom homes for over 20 years and I am wondering am I at that ripe age yet? If I were a bottle of Cabernet would I be at that peak drinking period yet? When will I be if not? I would hate to miss out on that… I’ve noticed when you relate being an architect to a bottle of wine you grab peoples attentions immediately but only for a moment until they start dreaming of a good bottle of wine they have had or have been saving for that special occasion. The point the professor was trying to make was that it takes decades to become a master of your craft. I still consider myself a student of the craft at age 60. I have seen architecture go through many transitions and am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what is around the corner.